Whether you are in a coffee shop, a retail store, or reading a magazine, you probably can’t help notice the black and white squares with funny patterns on products, billboards, and ads. These little squares with funny patterns are called QR codes (Quick Response) codes.


QR Codes have come a long way from inventory management tools and are now extensively used in sectors such as marketing too.


These square-shaped barcodes open up multiple possibilities for marketers and help them connect better with their target audience.  


Using a QR Code on a print advertisement gives it a new life. Marketers can engage their customers in engaging ways while making the entire process faster and more convenient.


Using QR Codes on print media allows consumers to engage in a way that is:


1. Quick and error-free
If not QR Codes, the only way to connect consumers to online content is by using a URL. But typing a URL is time-consuming and inconvenient on a mobile screen. Consumers are also likely to make errors while typing.  Compared to this, scanning a QR Code is a much faster and error-free process.


2. More informative 
With QR Codes, you can give consumers a way to access unlimited information.


3. Engaging with rich content
Using QR Codes, marketers can share rich content via their print promotions and better engage their audience. For example, packaged food companies added a QR Code on the packaging of one of its product. When scanned, the QR Code redirects the consumers to a video of the recipe of the dish.


4. Actionable
While print media still works well for branding, it is not interactive like outdoor or digital marketing. But with QR Codes, it can be. By adding a QR Code, you can make your promotions interactive and take inputs from your target audience. You can run a contest, get people to register for a product or event, take feedback, or allow your customers to make purchases right from the newspaper ad or flyer.


5. Easy to save
Another advantage of QR Codes is that the user can easily save the data on their smartphones. For example, if you scan a Dynamic Vcard QR Code, a mobile page with your contact details will open. The page features a ‘Add to Contacts’ button which allows the user to directly save the contact in their smartphone.


How to scan a QR code

You can scan a QR code using your mobile camera. In some cases, you need to download an app to scan QR codes. Just do a search for “QR” in your mobile app store and you will find many apps for free that you can download. If you have a Windows Phone you don’t need to download a separate app, you can scan QR codes directly using Bing. To scan a QR code, open up Bing, press the “Eye” icon and point your mobile phone camera to the QR code and hold still. The camera will identify the code and present the information in the code on the screen.


Create a visually-appealing and dynamic QR Code to engage your customers from print media promotions!


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